yin ming wong  王 燕 茗

yin was born and raised in Midwestern America.

she recently completed her BFA in fine arts at Parsons School of Design and BA in psychology at Eugene Lang in New York City.

she currently resides in NYC and continues to  cultivate an art practice investigating familial and cultural sentimentality through multimedia visual work and reflective writing. her work focuses on nostalgia, displacement, and the shortcomings of language, presented through her personal narrative on the experience of being raised with Chinese culture and socialized in American culture.


(updated 2019 april 12) :

I am currently looking at fish as a subject matter, using my personal narrative as entryway by investigating family and cultural sentiment. Inspiration is largely drawn from the family business that my parents started at the time I was born, supplying fish and shrimp products to mostly Asian restaurants and supermarkets in the Midwest. Language plays a crucial part in my work, allowing me to apply additional contextual elements in order to weave together the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms I use to express fish. Using sculptures, installations, and drawings, I play with the different ways in which my Chinese culture and American culture interacts with fish as a symbol, a product, and a sport. I pay attention to the social and cultural implications surrounding the acts of eating fish, catching fish, and selling fish. I have mostly been focused on the language surrounding fish: proverbs, common sayings, and the mythologies drawn from Chinese culture. Due to the somewhat impulsive and investigative nature of my practice, I enjoy working with a wide range of mediums including ceramics, soft sculpture, illustration, and writing. Oftentimes, my sculptures and drawings naturally progress into or activate creation in other mediums such as video work and zine/prints, respectively. In most cases, my work operates with visual or literary humor, whether in its form or in the text surrounding the object.

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